Dental Implants

Dental Implants

We take pride in that we can offer full or partial mouth restorations by utliizing implants placed within the comfort and convenience of our office. If you were to loose one or more of your natural teeth, you can continue to live confidently with implants. Unlike dentures and bridgework, implants are a solution proven by experience to last for many years. They look and feel like your natural teeth, and eliminate the worry of slipping or coming loose.

For more than two decades, dental implants have been used successfully. Implants are a safe, medically proven alternative that delivers confident smiles. By working with Zimmer Dental, our dentists can offer you the most advanced implants and prosthetics available today.

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Restorations: Single Tooth

Born missing her lateral incisor, Kelley says it always made her feel uncomfortable. "My eyetooth just stuck out there," she says, "and I felt like I had a lopsided grin."

Kelley tried having her eyetooth reshaped, hoping the rounded edge would make it less noticeable. She also considered bridgework, but decided it was not worth having two healthy

teeth reduced and capped in order to replace the missing tooth. Finally an acquaintance of hers who had received an implant convinced her to research this option on her own.

When she went to have orthodontic work performed to correct an overbite, she decided to ask about having an implant as well. After consulting with her dentist, they concluded she was an ideal candidate for single-tooth replacement.

The surgery itself was over quickly, Kelley states, and the only discomfort she experienced was while sitting in the dental office anticipating the procedure. Although there was some slight bruising, she felt no pain afterwards and only took aspirin instead of the medication she was given.

Restorations: Multiple Tooth

The upper denture Jack Saurwein wore for six years did not cause him any discomfort. But, in his words, it was a "nuisance."

After having it relined several times, it still slipped frequently instead of staying comfortably in place. Jack was familiar with dental implants and had followed the history of their development from the very early stages. So after discussing the option with several dentists, he decided to have the procedure performed.

In Jack's case, six implants were surgically placed in his upper jaw, three on each side. Prosthetic teeth were then attached to the implants so that only the dentist could remove them. Jack describes the discomfort he experienced during surgery as mild, and he is extremely pleased with the results.

Restorations: Overdenture

Ruth Weiss became increasingly dissatisfied with the dentures she had worn for several years. She could not chew comfortably because of a continuing problem with the stability of her lower denture, and she was constantly concerned it would slip out in public.

After consulting with her dentist, they both agreed dental implants would be an excellent solution to her difficulties, and implant surgery was scheduled.

Following the procedure placing four implants in her lower jaw, Ruth was permitted to wear her existing removable dentures home, which she continued to wear while new ones were being fabricated. Although she experienced "a couple of hours of mild discomfort" before falling asleep that first night, she reports waking the next day feeling no pain at all.

Today, with her new dentures firmly in place, Ruth has renewed confidence in her smile and her speech. And because she is involved in numerous church and civic activities, she often appears before an audience both as a song leader and as a speaker.

Restorations: Partial Denture

Similar to other unsecured multiple tooth restorations and dentures, typical partial dentures compromise comfort and fit. Implant supported fixed partial dentures provide a comfortable solution that is simple to maintain and last for many years.

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