The Logo History

Lynchburg Dental Center's Logo
Aug 15 2021

A business’s logo is a powerful asset in creating a brand identity. A logo should be simple, memorable, and sustainable. The visual presence of a logo can provide an easily recognizable message while creating brand awareness.

Our Lynchburg Dental Center logo was strategically re-designed in 2012 to represent our practice’s vision and daily commitment to our patients.

Blue is a primary color that often symbolizes serenity, stability, trust, and health. Our specific blue was chosen to show unity with the healthcare industry and a steady, soothing connection to the logo. 

The two-color, custom logo was designed and drawn by hand to represent the skillful use of our hands each day as we serve our patients. The logo’s unique design was inspired by the freshness and benefits of mint. Mint leaves are rich in nutrients, improve the breath, and offer a variety of other health benefits. A confident smile is more than just an outward expression, it can be a sign of overall health and wellness. 

The color gradient represents the depth of the skill and expertise we offer our patients. There are layers to our team’s expertise which we constantly improve through continuing education opportunities. At Lynchburg Dental Center, we ensure confident, healthy smiles.

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